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I Can See Clearly Now - The Cracks Are Gone!

Wisecrack Glass Repair is ready to repair or replace the glass on your vehicle! We partner with all insurance companies to service your vehicle, wherever you are.

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Glass Repair

Glass Replacement

ADAS Recalibration

Is Repair or Replacement Best? Use the Silver Dollar Test!

When we’re talking to our customers about servicing the glass on their vehicles, it’s helpful to differentiate between a glass repair and a glass replacement. When we repair your windshield, our technician will insert a resin into the crack to seal it and prevent further cracking. The difference is based on a silver half dollar!

If your windshield has a chip in it that is smaller than the diameter of a silver half dollar (or about one and a quarter inch), then we can repair your windshield to prevent further damage; however, if your chip fails the half dollar test, your windshield is considered beyond repair and needs to be fully replaced.

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